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Removalists in Melbourne

ASKY MOVES provides effective removalist services throughout Melbourne and interstate. Trust our team to handle your project with maximum efficiency.

Contact us for a free quote, we are happy to assist.

Residential Movers

At ASKY MOVES we have the experience, skills and equipment to handle your house moving requirements with maximum efficiency and care. We ensure your precious goods are fully protected and transported with caution.

With Asky Movers, you get an experienced team of professional movers and packers to help make the transition easier. Which is why hundreds of families every year trust and hire us. We will ensure your valuable goods arrive safely at their new destination with our door to door service.

With over 20 years industry experience, Asky Movers is well equipped to provide expert advice and assistance that begins with initial contact and continues until the work is complete.

We offer a hassle-free service that takes you effortlessly from your current property to your new home. We are equipped with a large fleet of trucks as well as vans of different sizes to serve your needs. Our company employs highly professional and motivated individuals who are fully trained in what they do.

 Trust ASKY MOVES to provide expert removalist services ensuring total customer satisfaction. Contact us for any further information.

We conduct business in an organised and hassle-free manner

Commercial Removalist Services

We treat your business as our own. Commecial Removal is all about efficiency. AskyMoves is your best removal partner.

A seamless transition from premise to premise. Asky moves can be your best partner in business/warehouse removal.

Asky move always provides your business with a quality office removal service. Our highly trained and qualified staff and fully equipped trucks will efficiently and quickly relocate your small to large office or even warehouse in an orderly fashion

We provide competitive rates for your business and a complete and affordable solution to remove your office furniture smoothly. Our friendly and professional representative focus on particular planning and pay more attention to details in order to save you time to set up quick move and minimizing your business “operations downtimes” is the goal


We offer advice for a cheap office move and as part of our complete Office and business removal services. Please quote us to speak to a professional representative about our commercial removals options.

All or local Melbourne moving jobs include Goods in Transit insurance. The customer will be covered up to $50,000. Public liability will be provided when need. The claim amount will be up to $5millions. Insurance will be an essential part of any move regardless of size.

20 years experience

Piano and Pool table Removal

To dismantle Piano and remove in other places requires specific technique to safely pack and move. Careless packing could damage your inexpensive Piano which will cost heavy to repair. offers Piano and Pool table Removals Melbourne specialists undergo with a special training of dismantling Piano and Pool table to remove it from one place to other place around Melbourne. Piano and Pool tables are heavy in weight and are very delicate to be broken easily.

Pool Tables are difficult to wrap heavy in size and awkward to fit in. moving Pool table is not an easy game. Pool tables vary as per size some are big some are small. It is not easy to carry in the Movers Van it needs skilled person to dismantle pool table. We provide very caring and safe manner of dismantling of Piano and Pool table removals Melbourne special removalists team. We provide movers as per the customer’s need.

Why Choose Piano and Pool Table Movers from ASKY MOVES?

Moving a piano requires extra care and attention to detail, as many pianos need to be partially disassembled to make transport possible. Asky moves has the skill and experience to:

  • Carefully disassemble your piano if needed, removing parts such as legs, lid, lid prop, music rack and fall.
  • Safely move it on the correct trolley and hoist it into our truck using a hydraulic lift.
  • Secure it snugly for transport.
  • Remove it safely from our truck into its new location and carefully reassemble it.

Packing And unpacking services:

In today’s modern& busy life hiring a professional Packer and Movers Melbourne can bring you a happy relocating and packing experience.

The most difficult thing when you relocating for a new home is packing your stuff. Asky Movers also also provides packing and moving boxes and necessary materials to pack your valuable things.

Booking a schedule with our professional removalists for packing service Melbourne & they will arrange your things properly and load your packed boxes with supreme care like their personal belongings.

Why Choose ASKY MOVES as packers and movers

Our Experts can provides packing services and useful information before packing to make your Journey hassle and stress free. Also you can save money on the unnecessary packing charges.

Our tactics are simple but still very effective being experts in packing services for years. We draft plan for packing, unpacking and loading systematically and execute by one of our experts accordingly.

We pack thoroughly, categorized and label boxes as different colors label, so that moving can become so easy for customer when unpacking and organizing their new Home

Secure Storage Service

If your are planning a move but your new residence isn’t quite ready, or you need some additional storage when your previous home is not available. Asky moves can provide specialized storage services when you are faced with moving problem.

We will store your belongings at our secure, convenient storage facilities as part of the moving process, keep them on site until your new home is ready to move.

For more information about moving storage, please contact with Asky moves.

Storage security - ASK MOVES Move Self Storage recognises that security is a primary issue for our customers. That is why we offer the best security available.

  • 24 hour alarm monitoring
  • 24 hour video surveillance
  • Key pad entry
  • Locked and secure warehouse

Personal storage

  • It’s never been easier or cheaper to store your belongings. Asky Moves self storage is just like traditional self storage, only we bring the storage units to you and pack them for you, then bring them back to our secure warehouse to store them. It is easy.
  • We can pick up and redelivery your stuff locally or interstate with our fleet of trucks at great rate.
  • We regularly handle expensive new furniture and as we have our own trucks, safely distribute them as required.
  • Over years experience in the removals industry.
  • Asky moves  Move self storage is also a great idea if you are moving from house to house, you can store your stuff in your storage boxes until your new house are settled.

Our storage is perfect for people that are going away for extended periods, overseas or interstate.

Business storage

  • Asky Moves self storage is greatly set up for business self storage.
  • If you are overstocked, our self storage is the best place to store your stock.
  • Our storage can help you store your Christmas stock or decorations out of your store until next holiday season.
  • Our on-site storage is a perfect solution. It gives you more room to hold stock you are actually selling.
  • Our storage facility gives you access to your storage boxes 6days a week. Appointment on particular Sunday.
  • We are also ideally set up to receive your incoming stock; we have a container hardstand area where you can unload your goods with free use of our forklift.

We can help you make your business running smoothly. 

Our Services Include:

  • Packing and Unpacking
  • Dismantling & Assembling of New & Used Furniture
  • Single Item to Multi-Truck Moves
  • Pool Table Removals

Customised removalist solutions